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Ladies of the Tudor Court


By Jenny Rowley Williams. Publication date to be announced.

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ISBN 978-1-85944-997-4. Hardback. Jane Rochford wife to the much-maligned George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford, and sister-in-law to the ill-fated Anne Boleyn was executed for her complicity in the adultery of Henry VIII’s fifth queen, Catherine Howard. Mary Talbot daughter of the Earl of Shrewsbury, married Henry Percy – perhaps more famous for his relationship with Anne Boleyn. He became the sixth earl of Northumberland in 1527. Both Henry and Mary had health problems but this chapter looks at other suggestions as to why this was such a deeply unhappy and tortured marriage. Susan Clarentius, ‘Mrs Clarentius’ took her title as the wife of a senior Herald. She served Mary Tudor when she was princess and as Queen Mary I. After that she served Jane Dormer, Countess Feria and moved with her first to The Netherlands and finally to Spain. Honor Lady Lisle was also close to Anne Boleyn. She was wife to Arthur, Governor of Calais. Honor herself was sufficiently important to be much sought for her influence in patronage and her life and times are reflected in the Lisle Letters. Sabine Johnson was not at court though her husband, John, looked for patronage from both Cecil and Walsingham. John was a merchant and the successes and failures of their lives are recorded over a ten-year period.