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Where titles are noted as out of stock, this is a software issue. The publications have yet to be printed and dates will be posted asap.


The Notes Series

This series has been very popular with teachers since it was launched about 15 years ago. All titles have been written by Professor David Loades and Mrs Judith Loades – both professional historians with many years of teaching experience. All titled are in copyright.

Because of mounting production costs and heavy postage borne by The Davenant Press the presentation and cost is changing and it is hoped that this will be helpful to schools on a tight budget. The Notes vary in length. In the past the Notes have been supplied in a presentation folder with each page in a plastic envelope with a second print out supplied for free photocopying.

Now the Notes will be supplied in a soft folder – one copy only.
The cost of a PDF email will be the same price.
The Notes can be supplied in a hardback file at the additional cost of £2 per title.

Schools may photocopy with the current copyright laws. Schools may well wish to see the contents page and sample sheets. Please email if that helps.
Please email any queries to

The Essay Series

Medieval History: General

Medieval Europe

Medieval: 1066-1500

Tudor and Stuart

Early Modern Europe

Eighteenth Century 1700-1789

Long Nineteenth Century: Great Britain and Europe

Twentieth Century: Global


For Teachers of English Literature

Following the success of the fast-developing Notes Series for Teachers of History, The Davenant Press is now launching Notes Series for Teachers of English Literature.

The Notes are set out in a user-friendly format.

Specialist Medieval Topics / International Baccalaureate

Payment may be made by invoice or cheque. Please be sure to give your order code if required by the school Finance Office.

You may telephone your order or email directly.