The Davenant Press

New Series

The ten new series cover a wide range of topics to be launched in 2020. I am looking for authors who should be in post though I have always supported young scholars and encourage postdoctoral students and JRFs. All submissions will be peer reviewed. Each paperback will be forty thousand words PLUS footnotes, plus bibliography and Index. As with the Headstart History Papers the Series will be branded by colour and cover. I am suggesting topics with each series title but am open to all suggestions.

Transport and Travel

Think global: Horse drawn – Canals – Road – Rail – Land – Sea – Air. Use of transport such as Hannibal to the USA use of rail to move armaments to Europe in WWII ,or the Chicago hub for movements within the USA. The social and economic changes brought about by rail within Germany as with the Zollverein. Trade with the Far East and the effects in those countries both politically and economically

Commonwealth Studies

There are over 50 member countries of the British Commonwealth which was put into its present form in the 1949 London Declaration. The Queen is the current head of the Commonwealth (the Monarch of Tonga – remember Salote at the coronation in 1953? – is the only other crowned head within this organisation. However the queen’s status varies between membership countries and it was established that HRH The Prince of Wales will take over that role. Submissions are welcome on any aspect of relations between each country and GB and other countries with each other. We trade very little with member states and Australia and New Zealand were particularly angry when GB joined the EU and bought goods (food in particular) from Europe previously bought from them. The Commonwealth fight alongside us in WW2. There is little infrastructure to the Commonwealth and some countries have raised the idea of republicanism.

Submissions are most welcome from historians in the Commonwealth countries.

Galileo Series

Consider the ‘Eureka’ moment down to the development of antibiotics, stem cell, cloning, space travel and its political impact, astronomy. This is a wide spectrum. It has been written that if we look at Galileo his mind led to ten great ideas in scientific discovery. Consider and submit a title on any of them. Great scientists – such as Newton, Pierre and Marie Curie, Marconi and there is a long list from other parts of Europe. Consider Chinese medicine. I am open to ideas.

Victorian Studies

Victoria and her extensive family – she has been referred to as the grand mamma of Europe so the private, political and diplomatic effect of those relationships is important.. The Victorian period was one of adventure, travel, literature, music and scientific achievement. On the world stage I welcome submissions on Victorian politics and influence around the world including India and the effects of the wars and gunboat diplomacy towards China.

European Studies

Quite simply submissions are invited on any country in Europe – cultural traditions, language, religion, relations with other countries both within and outside Europe. The dates are broadly 500- to present though I discourage BREXIT! The influence of France in terms of Culture, Italian and German music.. I Mam interested in the geography of Europe and how far rivers, seas and mountains have determined its political and diplomatic relations with others. Individual rulers – the Great Elector, the route from Rome to Bede in Jarrow. The role of the Pope as as head of a church and a political price. This is wide open and I look forward to suggestions.




Cuba’s geographical position has played an important role in world history – the Spanish American War and the Cuban Missile crisis are obvious reminders. I am particularly interested in Cuba’s political structure and its cultural contribution to the world stage. Carlos Acosta is a world star in the world of ballet. Dance and music in general make a major global contribution. Ideas featuring individuals especially in Cuba’s past will be welcome.

Japanese Studies

Japan is so like GB – an island race initially using the sea as a trading nation but geographically different in that it has been limited by its inland geography. For the most part the Japanese are not inventors but they can take what others have done – especially in terms of technology – and produce a much better product – cameras, TVs, computers, phones. But how do the Japanese live? They have a long history of tradition and a much admired culture in music, theatre and the arts generally. They travel!

I look forward to your submissions.

Chinese Studies

China has a long history of tradition in so many aspects of life. I am interested in submissions on its political past, international relations, religion, culture, customs, historic sites, geography, trade, economics, traditions, food….China is a great trading nation. Goods come into GB by train each week. How often do we look at clothes and see that the country of origin is China. They are a major investor in British life. Please send ideas on Chinese matters withing this vast country or in its relationship with others.

Classical Studies

I am looking for submissions on classical Greek and Rome and perceptions of them in later periods. The classical languages are the basis of our own. Think Nike and think Winged Victory and then think winning gold at the Olympics wearing Nike footwear. I am interested in the Gods, Greco-Roman History, culture in its widest sense -literature, architecture, government, traditions. I am happy to publish broad sweeps and smallest of details.

The Medieval Mind

This is a European topic though in some countries medieval uses dates different from the UK. As with my journal Medieval History I am using 500-1500AD. I suggest topics such as the Coming of Christianity..The Greek Orthodox Church, concepts of Kingship and government, Justice, individuals such as Abelard, Aquinas and Ailred. the School of St. Victor, the Rise of the Universities.