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John Dudley 1504-1553


Duke of Northumberland: Lord President of the Council. By David Loades.

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ISBN 978 1 85944 235 7. Revised edition: 2014. John Dudley was an efficient, ruthless administrator who struck a sensible balance in England’s foreign policy and did much to remedy the financial crisis which Protector Somerset had left in October 1549. Dudley was ambitious and may well have been responsible for Somerset’s downfall. Although he sought to extend his influence with Edward VI he did not seek the crown matrimonial for his son Guildford through the marriage to Jane Grey. That plan was Edward’s but it was seen as heavily influenced by Dudley and that led to him being seen as a traitor. Dudley’s mistake was to misjudge the mood of the country. Mary was the rightful successor. Dudley wanted to rule through Edward and when Edward died through Jane but that ambition does not justify his reputation as evil.