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The Reign of Philip and Mary


By David Loades.

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ISBN 978 1 85944 205 0. First published 2001. Revised edition 2008. The failed attempt to place the Protestant Lady Jane Grey on the throne, Mary Tudor barrier. Having established her government, Mary had two priorities- to define her legal position and to seek a suitable marriage. A husband needed to be of royal blood and irreproachable Catholicism. There were three possible candidates. Mary put the choice in in the hands of the Emperor Charles V and it was decided she should marry Philip. The terms of the treaty which settled the marriage enraged Philip and both he and his courtiers were horrified by the powerless and dishonourable position agreed. His first meeting with Mary was at their wedding in Winchester. He spoke no English. He facilitated the return of Cardinal Pole. The burnings started.. Philip was nevertheless in a difficult position. Much depended on the birth of an heir and Mary claimed to be pregnant. The failure of that pregnancy and Mary’s age weakened his position. His practical help was needed in the Netherlands and against advice, Mary gave him armed assistance. All failed and Mary lost Calais. The Marriage could have been a success but Mary’s attitude to |Philip was one of wifely subservience and wilful defiance. Her death was probably a relief to him.