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The Dudley Conspiracy


By David Loades.

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ISBN 978 1 85944 104 6. First edition 2001, reprint 2015. After her failed pregnancy Mary I’s political position was vulnerable. without an heir the succession went to Elizabeth. The Protestants in Germany, Switzerland and the Rhineland were unequivocal towards Mary regarding her a s a divinely imposed affliction whose ungodly regime could only be endured or evaded. Mary had won the crown by law and Elizabeth could succeed by the same laws and Mary could not disinherit by the same law. David Loades examines the political position in and the motives of Henry Dudley who led implied by Neale and Elton the conspirators. If Elizabeth was secretly encouraging Dudley there was little sign and she was unlikely to encourage those who opposed a rightful queen. What the conspiracy does tell us is that Philip’s position was always contentious.