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The Achievements of Charles de Gaulle


By Philip Thody, Late Professor of French University of Leeds.

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ISBN 978 1 85944 153 4. First published by Headstart History in 1990, reprinted 2014 by the Davenant Press.
To the English de Gaulle is remembered as the French leader who made broadcasts – Ici Londres – to France during World War II. He is also remembered as the leader who blocked Britain’s entry into the European Union. Professor Thody saw de Gaulle as the first military leader to take power in France and leave his country a more prosperous place, unconquered, not invaded and at peace with its neighbours. He ended the bitter war with Algeria, 1954-1962 and his friendship with the German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer was crucial in ending the problems between their countries.
Philip Thody died in 1999 and was Professor of French Literature at the University of Leeds for twenty-eight years. After graduating from King’s College, London he moved to Paris to complete his thesis and remained there as lecturer at the Sorbonne. He wrote widely on French literature, politics, history and society