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Protector Somerset


By Jennifer Loach.

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ISBN 978 1 85944 210 4. First published by Headstart History in 1994 revised edn. The Davenant Press 2001. Edward Seymour (1500-1552) is known as Protector Somerset. He was created Earl of Hertford in 1537 And on the death of Henry VIII he became Lord Protector to the young Edward VI and Duke of Somerset. He owed much to his sister Jane being Henry’s third queen and therefore uncle to the new king. As Protector he attracted problems in his dealings with John Dudley (the future Duke of Northumberland and perhaps the man most responsible for Somerset’s fall from power and subsequent execution) and from his own brother Thomas Seymour who was executed. Religious and economic grievances fuelled rebellions. Whatever these issues Somerset’s determination to rule with his own circle rather than with the Council was the real cause for his downfall. Jennifer Loach offers a re-assessment of the Duke of Somerset.