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New Journal

ROME 423-1929
ISSN 2516-0028

Launch: October 2019

Publishing Guidelines for journals

The DAVENANT PRESS currently publishes the following four JOURNALS

Please scroll down for details

All four journals are being relaunched. The next issue of The John Foxe Bulletin will be dedicated to Professor David Loades and will be a collection of his papers with an Introduction by Paul Cavill,Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Medieval History cover


ISSN 0960-0752

European History 1477-1715 cover


ISSN 1477-7223

The John Foxe Bulletin cover


ISSN 1365-6856

Eighteeth Century World 1688-1815 cover


ISSN 1477-7215

Publishing Guidelines for Journals

In all journals I would like to publish information about research centres and particular projects. I am looking for articles by in-post scholars. But I also very keen to hear from post-graduates and post-doctoral students. Reviewers are vital and I would be glad to hear from scholars who are willing to take on this task.

Medieval History

This is the most successful of my journals and regularly consulted in the Bodleian Library. The datelines are 500-1500 but necessarily slops over the edges. Articles can be six to ten thousand words. If postgraduates or post-doctoral scholars would like to write about their research then three to five thousand words is acceptable. The format is different. The early editions were A4 and are now royale. If you would like a sample cover now I can send one. I can also send you a sample publication in October.

European History 1477-1715

The dates for this journal were fixed by the death of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and an amalgam of the death of Louis XIV/transition to the Regency and the Hanoverian link with Great Britain. I welcome articles from European Scholars (in English) within this period and scholars who work on countries outside Europe but who are interested in links with their own country an d any country within it. Again - reviewers are welcome.

The John Foxe Bulletin

This journal looks to build on the enormous amount of research generated by the British Academy John Foxe Project based at the Institute of Historical Research at the University of Sheffield, (the then Director was Professor Mark Greengrass) a Project which was initially directed by my husband, Professor David Loades, with first-line support by the late Professor Sir Geoffrey Elton. Whilst Foxe lived and worked in the late sixteenth century but his work went on through the centuries. Sheffield aimed to provide the definitive edition in terms of a Gloss (look at the website!) and remove the influence of the flawed Victorian Cattley and Townsend version. I am looking for articles on Foxe on any period but also on religion in his time and reviewers

Eighteenth Century World 1688-1815

This journal looks for articles on a range of subjects which fall within these dates. 1688 marks the link between The House of Orange after the flight of James II and 1815 marks the end of old Europe, the fall of Napoleon and, perhaps, the new Europe.

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Issues of all four journals are currently in production and details will be announced here as soon as they are available.

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